My First Letter

Israel, Occupied and autonomous territories
ICRC Delegation
185, Hayarkon Street
TEL AVIV 63453
Head of delegation: Mr STILLHART Dominik


I'm writing you this letter, knowing that the chances it will actually get to you are feeble.
Nevertheless, and despite that, I'm still writing you this letter, hoping for that tiniest chance that it will, after all, find its way to you. How wonderful would it be if my letter or/and someone else's letter actually reached you? You see, I am commonly thought to be a pessimist by nature, but in your case I'm determined to be and stay an optimist.
You do not know me, neither do I really know you, but I do know your story.
For instance, I know you served in the Armored Corps, (Shiryon). In the past, I served in the Army Corps of Engineers by myself. I also spent quite some time in Shizafon. Your people have something special about them. It is not without reason they say: "The man in the tank will win" . Although if, I'm not mistaken, they also say about those who serve in the Armored Corps: "Shabat Rishona Yotzim, Vekol Hashar N isharim", (=On the first Sabbath going home, and all the other Sabbaths staying on the base.") Am I right? Is it something like that? :)
Do not worry, army engineers are ridiculed much more. Are you familiar with: "Follow me to the Paratroopers, come with me to the Givati, go instead of me to the Army Corps of Engineers?"
But they also say the following about us: "The difficult we do today, the impossible - tomorrow."
It is important that you know: your family, friends and many many other people have been untiringly doing all they can for the sake of your release from captivity. Everyone in his own way.
Nobody forgets you. You will never, never become "yesterday's news."

Every day, every hour, there is someone in Israel or somewhere else in the world, doing something for you.

In a certain way, the more time goes by, the more is done for you. We do not wanna quit, we are not going to give up.
As I mentioned in the beginning of my letter, I do not know you, but the sheer fact of you withstanding the hell you've been going through, is enough for me to say you are so strong and have got great courage.

All of us here strengthen you from afar, wrap you with our spirits, and embrace you in our hearts.

I promise we will keep writing you. If our letters do not reach you in the time of your captivity, you can read them after you come back home to us. Have you noticed that I wrote "After you come back home to us?" - as I said, I'm determined to stay optimistic. I will keep believing that the question is not about whether it will happen, but when.

It's just goodbye – till the next letter,
From one who cares (Chen).